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About Us

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a mom. Not just any mom, a mom that loved crafting, but it was more of a hobby and just something to do here and there. She enjoyed sharing her interests and making things for her kids that they were interested in, such as anime, comic book characters, and gaming.  As time rolled by, those kids grew up and left mom to enjoy these things. Then, one beautiful day, a magic ray of sunshine beamed into her life and made her a Nana.

So, this mom turned Nana decided to use her crafting skills to help her visit the Sunshine in her life who lives in another galaxy. While some teased her that she was a Nana now and needed to “act her age,” she knew that being a Nana didn’t make her any less Nerdy. “Hmmm,” she thought, “I’m a Nerdy Nana,” and she giggled and decided to express and own her own fandom and not care about what others thought of her.

Then, Bam!!!

“The Nerdy Nana" sprang to life and has morphed over the last couple years into a fantastic and fun place where the only limits are imagination and well, skills (LOL). Nana was smart and enlisted the help of her crafting mom, the new Grand-Nana, and the two of them ventured out into new fun and exciting adventures of crafting together.

Just a couple of Nerdy Nanas enjoying life and their precious Sunshine.

They are currently crafting in Northern California. While all of Nana’s human kids are off keeping her Sunshine safe, she and her amazing IT department, aka Pappy, live with all sorts of furry, feathered, and scaly kids who are all nerds, also.  Grand-Nana lives with Nana and they drive poor Pappy nuts with all the crafting paraphernalia around.

The Nerdy Nana’s truly enjoy making and creating items that will help you express and own your fandom. Let them help you show-off your fandoms with pride.

Peace and love and hugs and stuff,

Nana, Grand-Nana and Pappy